Nine simple exercises you can do to protect yourself from Alzheimer's

Exercise isn't only good for your body; did you know it's essential for your brain health too?

That's right, when you exercise, you're not only activating your body, you're stimulating your mind too!
You don't even need to train like a pro, it's as simple as getting the right amount of exercise your body needs. 
By exercising regularly, you're one step closer to preventing the onset of Alzheimer's.
Exercise fights off Alzheimer's because of what happens to your brain when you're doing it

Your brain cells shrink as you get older, and even more so with Alzheimer's. But with regular exercise, research actually shows growth in brain cells in older people. 

Oxygen rich blood rushes to the brain when you're doing cardio and aerobic exercises; it's the stuff your brain lives on and almost 20% of your entire body's oxygen goes to feeding the brain. So by ensuring you're getting more oxygen, you're helping keep those brain cells from dying off!

Exercise also improves your memory. Memory stimulating substances are activated in your brain when you exercise, so there's less chance of memory loss if you're exercising regularly. 
Even these nine simple exercises can help prevent the onset of Alzheimer's 

There's nothing complicated about it. As long as you're exercising and getting your heart rate up, you're able to prevent the degeneration
of your brain. 

Here's what you can do…

1. Walk on a daily basis.
2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
3. Buy a pedometer and take 10,000 steps a day. Sounds like a lot but try it, it's much less than you imagine!
4. Sit on an exercise ball while you're watching TV and get up and move about during the ads.
5. Mow your own lawn or sweep the driveway.
6. Park in the furthest parking from the shop entrance and walk.
7. Walk the dogs in the park or play outside with your grandkids.
8. Do some house work that involves a little elbow grease.
9. Start riding a bike around your suburb.


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